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9.19 Case Closure and Aftercare Planning

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Chapter 9-Status Offender Services
9.19 Case Closure and Aftercare Planning

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Legal Authority/Introduction




The SSW:

  1. Terminates supervision when any of the following events occur:
    1. Time ordered by the court has expired;
    2. Child reaches his/her 18th birthday;
    3. Child has successfully complied with the case plan and the orders of the court; or
    4. Child has been convicted of a public offense and has been committed or probated to the Department of Juvenile Justice;
  2. Submits a letter to the court, no less than two (2) weeks prior to case closure, summarizing the case and specifying a date by which DCBS will cease supervision before closing a case; 
  3. Initiates completion of the ongoing assessment within thirty (30) days prior to closure and considers whether:
    1. The factors surrounding the status behaviors are resolved to the point that the parent or guardian can appropriately supervise the youth;
    2. The documented status behaviors have been reduced to the point that the child is able to function appropriately at home, school and in the community; and
    3. The case planning goals have been achieved;     
  4. Discusses with the family the possibility of case closure concurrent to the completion of the new assessment;
  5. Documents the mutual agreement to close the case;
  6. Works with the family in developing an aftercare plan that focuses on preventing further status behaviors;
  7. Links the family to community resources as necessary;
  8. Provides the family, including identified fathers as outlined in SOP 4.14 Family Attachment and Involvement with the following forms:
    1. DPP-154A Notice of Intended Action, advising of the intention to close the case; and
    2. DPP-154 Protection and Permanency Service Appeal, advising of the right to a fair hearing;
  9. Summarizes the reason for closure, including the aftercare plan, and closes the case.

Practice Guidance

  • If the forms are hand delivered, the SSW may close the case immediately, unless the client disagrees with the closure.
  • If the forms are sent via U.S. Mail, the SSW should wait ten (10) days prior to closing the case.


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