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9.8 Dispositional Report for Status Offenders

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 9-Status Offender Services
9.8 Dispositional Report for Status Offenders

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Status offenders ordered to be detained by the court pending adjudication and disposition may be placed in a non-secure facility, a secure juvenile detention facility, or a juvenile holding facility.  DCBS is not responsible for the cost of the placement until the court renders a final disposition and commits the child to the Cabinet.


The SSW:

  1. Prepares a dispositional report if so ordered by the court;
  2. Files the report using the form and format specified by the court, to the court and the legal counsel for all parties three (3) days prior to the dispositional hearing.

Practice Guidance

  • The pre-disposition report provides relevant information on the child and family and is presented to assist the court in making a dispositional finding. 
  • A report is prepared after the child has been adjudicated unless waived by the child. The child can determine that no pre-dispositional report is needed. 
  • Recommendations for status offenders include:
    • Supervision/probation to DCBS for a period of ninety (90), one-hundred, twenty (120), or one-hundred, eighty (180) days; and
    • Status commitment to DCBS for the purpose of treatment.


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