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7.5 APS Aftercare Planning

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
7.5 APS Aftercare Planning

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​Legal Authority


The aftercare plan is part of the case closure process, whether it is in the investigative or ongoing function of a case. The plan is negotiated with the adult or guardian by the SSW. The plan identifies the continuum of services needed or desired by the adult and the nature of the follow-up, as well as, who will provide the services. The purpose of the aftercare plan is to document that the SSW has identified all service needs and has made appropriate referrals to meet the identified service needs.


Practice Guidance

  • The preferred method for completing the aftercare plan is through the TWIST offline application, which can be accessed with or without an internet connection.
  • Aftercare planning is used for an adult who accepts aftercare services when:
    • An investigation has been completed, and the adult does not want services;
    • An investigation has been completed, and a safety plan was negotiated; or
    • An ongoing case is to be closed.
  • The aftercare plan may be shared with the care network, family, or significant others at the request of the adult or guardian. 
  • The SSW should be cautious of including verbal details of the plan into the adult assessment as the alleged perpetrator or others may request information through the open records process and these details may potentially place the adult at risk.


The SSW:

  1. Develops with the adult, and any other individual that the adult requests participate, an aftercare plan that addresses existing needs to prevent future abuse, neglect, or exploitation;
  2. Documents potential resources that may be called upon to prevent future abuse, neglect, and exploitation; 
  3. Provides any necessary requested referrals;
  4. If the adult agrees to a written aftercare plan, will:
    1. Ensure that the aftercare plan is signed and dated by all involved parties;
    2. Asks the adult how they prefer to receive a copy of the plan-email, text, picture and/or hardcopy; and
    3. Informs the adult that this plan will be documented in the digital file and the hard copy will be placed in the case file.
  5. If the adult wishes to complete a verbal aftercare plan, the SSW will:
    1. Provide the adult with written contact information for any resources that have been negotiated; and
    2. Inform the adult that this plan will be documented in the digital file.
  6. If the adult refuses to negotiate an aftercare plan and the SSW believes it would be beneficial, clearly documents in the assessment for an investigation and the closing summary for an ongoing case. 



Contingencies and Clarifications

  1. For families who do not have access to email or the ability to receive a copy of the signed safety plan by text, the SSW should complete the appropriate plan using the template linked within this SOP.  The hard copy should be left with the family.  The SSW should take a picture of the signed plan with their tablet and upload into TWIST. 





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