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6.4 Community Collaboration for Children (CCC)

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
6.4 Community Collaboration for Children (CCC)

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Legal Authority/Introduction




Community Collaboration for Children (CCC) provides in-home prevention services to low-risk DCBS families without an ongoing case or a child abuse or neglect substantiation and families within the community. The state is divided into seventeen (17) CCC service areas. CCC in-home services are intensive, short-term services that occur in the home and focus on addressing each family’s unique challenges.  CCC works with low-risk families for at least eight to twelve (8-12) weeks. Services will focus on empowering the family unit by teaching parenting skills, problem-solving methods, and coordinating available community resources.



The SSW: 

  1. In consultation with their supervisor:
    1. Identifies a CCC eligible family which includes:
      1. A child(ren) at low risk of removal from the home;
      2. Any investigation that will not result in a substantiated finding; and
      3. A family that does not have an ongoing DCBS case.
  2. Upon approval from the FSOS, discusses the potential referral with the family to:
    1. Inform the family an in-home services referral is being made;
    2. Determine the family’s willingness to participate with the referral to in-home services; and
    3. Inform the family a referral will be initiated upon the family’s agreement and the CCC provider will be in contact within one (1) week of receipt of referral.
  3. Obtains signed releases of information from the family, DCBS-1 and DCBS 1A.
  4. Provides the CCC in-home provider agency with information that outlines the reason for referral, basic demographics, contact information, and recommended intervention, via phone or email; 
  5. Completes the CCC Services Referral form;
  6. Submits the CCC Services Referral form to their FSOS for review and signature;
  7. Submits the CCC Services Referral form to their regional gatekeeper for review and approval;
  8. Joins, if possible, the CCC staff for the initial visit of referral, if an opening is available;
  9. Forwards the following to the CCC in-home provider agency within three (3) days of referral:
    1. Information about allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance use, and/or family violence to include prior criminal charges and their disposition.  This should include any charges that may indicate risk of safety to the family or to the CCC in-home provider agency.  The SSW will notify the CCC in-home provider agency of immediate threats to child safety and any known threats to SSW/CCC in-home provider safety; 
    2.  A copy of the P&P prevention plan and court orders;
    3. A copy of the Case Summary Face Sheet, with correct and updated case member demographic and relationship information; and
    4. Release of Information forms, DCBS 1, and DCBS 1A signed by the family.
  10. Consults with CCC staff as often as necessary. 


The FSOS:  

  1.  Consults with the SSW to identify if the child is eligible for CCC in-home services by determining:
      1. The child meets CCC program acceptance criteria and
      2. The family will benefit from CCC prevention services intended to enhance the safety, stability, and sufficiency of families as well as prevent and build awareness of child abuse and neglect, and subsequent involvement with DCBS.
  2. Reviews the CCC Services Referral form for appropriateness; and
  3. Signs the CCC Services Referral form.

The Gatekeeper:
  1. Approves CCC referrals and forwards them as specified on the CCC Services Referral form





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