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31.5 Legal Responsibility

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 31-Standards of Practice Regarding Title IV-E, Medicaid and Other Applicable Benefits
31.5 Legal Responsibility

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Legal responsibility means that the Cabinet has legal responsibility for the care of the child. This can be established in one of two ways:

  • Through a court order; or
  • A voluntary commitment agreement. 

When the Cabinet gains legal custody of a child, assuming other criterion are met, IV-E foster care payments may be made on the child’s behalf.


The CBW:

  1. Reviews the removal order (emergency custody, temporary removal, temporary custody or commitment order) or voluntary commitment agreement to ensure the required legal responsibility is established;
  2. Notifies the SSW to obtain the required documentation of legal responsibility if the material is not present.

The Billing Specialist:

  1. Completes timely entry of the child's placement into TWIST enter/exit screens.



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