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30.6 CQI Case Review System

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 30-Quality Assurance and Organizational Integrity
30.6 CQI Case Review System

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The CQI process and CQI review system, when used properly, are ideal for case improvements and the development of best practices that improve Cabinet outcomes.  While initially developed for accreditation purposes, the new CQI case review system goal is to improve outcomes by focusing on the coaching/mentoring/monitoring process through review and supervision.  By strengthening these processes and empowering staff to improve casework, the Cabinet will be in a far better position to meet our federal outcome requirements.


Prior to conducting case reviews, the FSOS:

  1. Provides a copy of the case review instrument(s) to each staff member; and
  2. Communicates the standards to their team members.

On a monthly basis, the FSOS:

  1. Reviews each case as assigned in the CQI-CARES case review system;
  2. Meets with workers after the case reviews to discuss strengths, weaknesses and improvements for the case using the coaching, mentoring and monitoring model;
  3. Provides the worker with no more than thirty (30) calendar days to make any necessary corrections or required improvements; and
  4. Reviews the corrected case and returns it to the worker if additional changes are needed.

On a monthly basis:

  1. The CQI specialist assigns the eighteen (18) cases randomly selected by the TWS-M112 to designated regional reviewers.
  2. Regional reviewers complete and enter their reviews in the case review system.
  3. Regional reviewers may address safety issues identified during the review as directed by the service region administrator.

On a monthly basis, central office reviewers:

  1. Complete case reviews as assigned in the case review system;
  2. May inform the service region administrator of safety issues identified during the review after receiving approval from division leadership.

Practice Guidance

  • The TWS-M112, randomized TWIST-generated monthly report, identifies the cases available for review at each level.
    • Four (4) cases are selected for an FSOS review on each team;
    • Eighteen (18) cases are selected for regional review; and
    • Cases are selected for review at the central office level in the Division of Protection and Permanency. 
  • Cases are assigned and reviewed using the CQI Case Review Instructions and regional protocols as appropriate.




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