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27.3 Assessment, Documentation and Timeframes

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 27-General Adult Services
27.3 Assessment, Documentation and Timeframes

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Practice Guidance

  • Initiation timeframes begin from the moment the intake SSW submits the report to the intake FSOS, or in after-hours situations, upon decision by the on-call FSOS to accept the report.



  1. Assigns all accepted requests for general adult services to a SSW.

The SSW:

  1. Initiates the assessment within three (3) working days of receipt of the request for services; 
  2. Documents the assessment using the adult assessment which includes the following information, but may also include additional information as needed:
    1. Contact with the adult in need of services to conduct an interview after it has been determined by the SSW that it is safe; and
    2. Interviews with family members, caretaker and collaterals, as appropriate;
  3. Documents efforts to locate the adult in the “Investigation Conclusions” section if after repeated, diligent efforts is unable to locate an adult;
  4. Does not complete the adult assessment when the adult has not been located;
  5. Completes the assessment within forty-five (45) working days from initiation and submits it to the FSOS for approval;
  6. Documents extensions in the case record; 
  7. Must indicate by use of the following choices the determination for the provision of ongoing services to the adult following the completion of the assessment for all general adult services reports:
    1. Eligible/Accepts services;
    2. Eligible/Refuses services;
    3. Ineligible;
    4. Unable to Locate; or
    5. No Findings - A result of no findings is used when the alleged perpetrator is a former spouse, a former cohabitating partner or a partner who has a child in common;
  8. Utilizes no findings when:
    1. The location of the victim is known;
    2. All steps for initiating contact with the victim have been attempted and documented; and
    3. The SSW was unable to make contact with the alleged victim;
  9. Provides the adult who is requesting or being assessed for services with a copy of the DPP-154 Protection and Permanency Service Appeal;
  10. Documents in contacts that a DPP-154 was given to the client.


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