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24.2 Alternate Care Facility Closure

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 24-APS Placement and Movement of Adults
24.2 Alternate Care Facility Closure

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The SSW assists in the closure of a facility when the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) or the Office of the Inspector General determines that the facility will be closed, a court order is issued to close a facility or there is an emergency voluntary closure.


The SSW:

  1. Completes the following steps during the closure process:
    1. Assesses the needs of the residents;
    2. Notifies family member(s), guardian or payee of the closure and discusses placement options;
    3. Assists in locating placement for each resident;
    4. Copies and sends to the new facility the following items from the medical record:
      1. Face sheet;
      2. Advance directives;
      3. Pre-admission screening annual resident review (PASARR), if appropriate;
      4. TB testing;
      5. Physician's orders;
      6. Hospital discharge summary;
      7. History and physical;
      8. Other information requested by the receiving facility;
    5. Contacts the adults’ payment source to advise of the new address;
    6. Arranges transportation of the adult;
    7. Arranges for packing and transfer of personal belongings;
    8. Arranges for packaging and transfer of medications; and
    9. Completes a master register of all the adults who were placed as a result of the closure;
  2. Coordinates the closure process with other agencies (i.e. the long term care ombudsman, Department for Medicaid Services, Division of Family Support, and the Office of the Inspector General).


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