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23.4 Adult Personal Development Plan

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Chapter 23-APS Ongoing Services and Case Planning
23.4 Adult Personal Development Plan

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Legal Authority/Introduction


An adult may elect for safety reasons to work on individual issues separate from the family or care network, and it is within their rights to request that portion of the case remain confidential.  The SSW and the adult may address the adult’s ongoing personal development issues by developing a separate DPP-293 Adult Personal Development Plan within the case plan for the adult’s individual level objectives (ILO).  The adult may request that the DPP-293 Adult Personal Development Plan, not be documented in the case plan, but remain a verbal agreement for the individual level objective (ILO). 


If the adult personal development plan is written as their confidential portion of the case plan the SSW: 

  1. Documents only those ILOs agreed to by the adult;
  2. Cannot share the plan outside of the department with anyone other than the person for whom it has been developed without that adult's signed release;
  3. Places a copy of the written plan in the case record, if an adult agrees to the development of the plan and agrees to it being a part of the case record;
  4. Does not enter the DPP-293-Adult Personal Development plan into TWIST.


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