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23.2 Prevention Planning

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Chapter 23-APS Ongoing Services and Case Planning
23.2 Prevention Planning

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Legal Authority/Introduction


The purpose of the Prevention Plan is to identify behaviors that the adult will address to prevent reoccurrence of abuse, neglect or exploitation. The prevention plan identifies high risk situations and early warning signals/signs. It is intended to help the adult victim prevent the high risk situation, interrupt the high risk situation early, if unable to prevent the situation or escape the high risk situation.


The SSW:

  1. May develop a prevention plan with the alleged perpetrator if the adult victim gives permission to contact the alleged perpetrator and the individual is willing to cooperate or is court ordered;
  2. Uses a prevention plan as the spouse/partner abuse control plan in ongoing spouse/partner abuse cases that include the alleged perpetrator;
  3. Enters the prevention plan as the case plan.

Practice Guidance

  • It may not be necessary, unless court ordered, to develop a prevention plan if the adult chooses not to give permission to contact the alleged perpetrator or include this individual in the case plan.


  • If a treatment provider will be assisting with the prevention plan, it may be necessary for the SSW to contact the treatment provider to assist the adult in explaining the prevention plan and its critical role in prevention or reoccurrence of the high-risk situation. 




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