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2.4 Court Requested CPS Activity

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 2-Child Protective Services (CPS) Intake and Investigation
2.4 Court Requested CPS Activity

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Legal Authority/Introduction


The court may order the Cabinet to complete certain activities on behalf of families.  In custody or divorce proceedings, the court may require the Cabinet to provide assistance in interviewing parties to the case, negotiating visitation arrangements, or to conduct a full custodial assessment.  However, any reports received by the Cabinet must meet acceptance criteria (see SOP 2.3 Acceptance Criteria) prior to protection and permanency staff initiating an investigation, regardless of the reporting source (refer to CHFS v. Hon. Eleanore Garber and Hon. Jerry Bowles).    



The Centralized Intake Worker:

  1. Enters the order from the court on the "Court Related/Court Ordered Risk Assessment or Home Evaluation" path; 1
  2. Contacts regional management in the event that the court orders a CPS investigation into allegations that do not meet acceptance criteria.

Practice Guidance

  • Allegations received by the court should be evaluated on the same basis as any intake, through the centralized intake process.


  1. The Court Ordered Risk Assessment and Home Evaluation path cannot be moved to the ongoing function and should not be selected for status offender reports. 


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