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13.43 Adoption Assistance Renegotiation

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.43 Adoption Assistance Renegotiation

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Adoption assistance may be renegotiated at any time upon the request of the adoptive parent.

A monthly subsidy does not automatically increase as the child becomes older or the foster care per diem changes.


  1. The SSW completes the following tasks when an adoptive family requests an increase in their adoption subsidy:
    1. Evaluates the situation;
    2. Obtains documentation concerning special needs or conditions;
    3. Negotiates the subsidy with the family;
    4. Prepares an Adoption Assistance Renegotiation Form;
    5. Forwards through supervisory and administrative channels for approval by the service region administrator or designee; and
    6. If approved, obtains the adoptive family’s signature, and distributes to the adoptive family, children’s benefits worker and regional billing specialist; or
    7. If denied, provides the family with a DPP-154 Protection and Permanency Service Appeal, and informs the family of their right to file a service complaint as outlined in SOP 30.1 Service Appeals. 1 

Practice Guidance

  • Requested changes are effective no earlier than the date of the adoptive parents’ request.
  • Extraordinary medical expense requests, using state funds, which have caused a financial hardship on the family, may be retroactively dated no earlier than July 1 of the current state fiscal year.


  1. A request for review must be submitted by the adoptive/prospective adoptive family to the Cabinet no later than thirty (30) calendar days from the date that the DPP-154 was issued or the date of the occurrence of the disputed action.


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