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13.40 Approval of Adoption Assistance

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.40 Approval of Adoption Assistance

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Legal Authority/Introduction



  1. The SSW facilitates DCBS reimbursement of payment for childcare services for working foster and adoptive home parents. 1 
  2. Child care reimbursements are only available for children under the age of thirteen (13); or thirteen (13) years of age and alder if there is an established need due to a physical, emotional or developmental need of the child, and with documentation provided from a physician or qualified mental health professional as defined in KRS 202A.011 stating the child is incapable of caring for themselves. 
  3. The recruitment and certification (R&C) worker submits a request for childcare to the service region administrator (SRA) that includes documentation from a qualified mental health professional (QMHP or MD) of the therapeutic need for the service for non-working  foster and adoptive home parents.
  4. Adoptive parents are informed that approved childcare co-payments will mirror those established by the Division of Child Care in Kentucky Administrative Regulation 922 KAR 2:160 and adjustments in reimbursable amounts can be made at any time.
  5. Child care services are paid by the adoptive parents and reimbursed monthly only with a paid receipt. 
  6. The SRA or designee conducts a special review of these approved requests every six (6) months. 2
  7. The R&C worker submits the request for approval of adoption assistance and extraordinary medical expenses through the R&C supervisor to the SRA or designee.
  8. Upon approval, the DPP-1258 Adoption Assistance Agreement and the DPP-1258C Adoption Assistance Agreement for Extraordinary Medical Expenses is signed by all parties and copies are distributed to the adoptive family, children’s benefits worker, and regional billing specialist.
  9. If the adoptive family requests payment to a private attorney, the attorney submits the bill for services and a copy of the adoption judgment to the R&C worker who processed the adoption assistance.
  10. The R&C worker reviews the information and forwards the bill and finalization documentation along with a copy of the DPP-1258A Adoption Assistance Agreement Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses to the Division of Administration and Financial Management, in central office for payment (see link below to the Sample Letter to Reimburse Attorneys Directly). 3 


  1. These requests for childcare services are reviewed at the annual contact.
  2. Approved childcare rates can not exceed the rates established by the Division of Childcare. When possible, adoptive parents are encouraged to utilize public preschool services for children of appropriate ages. 
  3. All non-recurring adoption expense reimbursement must be approved prior to finalization of the adoption and cannot exceed $1,000 per child.


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