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13.14 Referral of a Child to the Kentucky Adoption Program Exchange (KAPE)

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.14 Referral of a Child to the Kentucky Adoption Program Exchange (KAPE)

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Legal Authority/Introduction


The Kentucky Adoption Program Exchange (KAPE) was established to facilitate permanency and adoptive placements for children. Children shall be referred to the Adoption Services Branch to be registered with KAPE if:

  • The child has the goal of adoption;
  • Termination of parental rights (TPR) has been granted; and
  • They do not have any identified adoptive families being considered.


The SSW or the Child Focused Recruitment Model (CFRM) recruiter is responsible for

  1. Forwarding a KAPE packet (see below required documents) through the FSOS to central office (CO) at the following address to refer a child to the KAPE program:
                 Cabinet for Health and Family Services
                                Attention:  KAPE 
                        275 East Main Street, 3C-E
                            Frankfort, KY 40621
  2. Providing the Adoption Services Branch staff and/or a member of the child's adoption review committee any requested information regarding the current status of a child enrolled in the KAPE program;
  3. Contacting the foster parent (or caregiver) to obtain information about the child, as well as meeting the child within thirty (30) working days of the referral to KAPE to explain the recruitment process;
  4. Developing an individualized recruitment plan within forty-five (45) working days of the child's referral to KAPE; and
  5. Updating KAPE as necessary.

The FSOS of the child’s case: 

  1. Shares the permanency/agency case in TWIST with the SNAP regional contact. 1

Practice Guidance

The KAPE packet must include:

  • Completed DPP-196 KAPE Referral form;
  • Current presentation summary narrative or the KAPE Referral Presentation Sheet;
  • Current color photo (must be electronic in JPEG format);
  • Child’s profile narrative (do not include any personal health information (PHI) or any negative comments to be placed on the KAPE and Adoptuskids websites); and
  • Termination of parental rights (TPR) order.

All of the items above, except for the TPR order, may be e-mailed to the KAPE specialist at the Adoption Services Branch. Please call (502) 564-2147 to obtain the appropriate email address.


The KAPE specialist with Adoption Services Branch is responsible for:  

  • Making the public aware of the child's availability for adoption through the use of in state media including the internet (recruitment resources, adoption activities and the KAPE and Adoptuskids Websites);
  • Utilizing technology and national resources to ensure timely adoptive placements and permanency for children enrolled in the KAPE.

A hold on a child is referenced when:

  • It is not in the best interest of the child(ren) to recruit adoptive families at that time.  A memorandum signed by the service region administrator (SRA) must be sent to the KAPE specialist outlining the justification to place the child on hold for this type of request only; or
  • The KAPE specialist receives notification that an adoptive family has been identified and the child's adoption review committee is moving forward with adoption with the identified adoptive family.  SNAP central office staff receives a signed DPP-195 Adoptive Placement Agreement for an adoption that will be finalized in another state.

Withdrawal is requested using the DPP-196C-SNAP Withdrawal Form when the:

  • SNAP specialist receives a signed DPP-195-Adoptive Placement Agreement for an adoption that will be finalized in Kentucky;
  • Goal is changed from adoption; or
  • Child turns eighteen (18).
  • The SSW may contact SNAP central office staff to request a child be placed on hold or withdrawn from the SNAP program.
  • If a child’s situation changes after withdrawal from SNAP, the SSW may re-enroll a child following the guidelines of procedure #1 in this SOP.


  1. The SSW may call the SNAP central office at (502) 564-2147 to obtain information on the SNAP regional contact in their area.


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