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10.30 SSW's Responsibility for the Child After Out of State Placement

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 10-Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
10.30 SSW's Responsibility for the Child After Out of State Placement

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Legal Authority/Introduction



The Kentucky SSW:

  1. Retains responsibility for the child placed out of state until the adoption is finalized;
  2. Requests the monthly post-placement supervision documentation with the family and child from the adoptive family’s agency in a timely manner directly or through the interstate office when they are not received;
  3. Sends copies of the post placement supervision documentation to the ICPC deputy administrator and to the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) worker, if it is not sent through the Interstate Compact on Placement of Children offices by the adoptive family’s agency;
  4. Arranges return of the child if disruption of the placement occurs, unless the adoptive family’s agency is able to provide assistance in placing the child with another resource within their agency;
  5. Provides recommendations for finalization when the worker feels the child is prepared for permanency; 1
  6. Obtains certified copies of the child's birth certificate and the termination of parental rights order when the adoption assistance and nonrecurring expense agreements are approved and the adoption is ready to be finalized;
  7. Compares the birth certificate with the termination order for accuracy of the spelling of the child’s name and correct birth date; 
  8. Provides the Office of the General Counsel copies of the birth certificate and TPR order, when an error is found on the order terminating parental rights, and asks that a motion be prepared to request the correction;
  9. Prepares the notarized consent to adopt and obtains the signature of the FSOS;
  10. Sends an original copy of the following documents to the child’s SNAP worker:
    1. A cover letter listing items enclosed;
    2. Certified copy of the birth certificate;
    3. Certified copy of order terminating parental rights;
    4. The Cabinet’s notarized consent to adopt;
    5. A copy of the DPP 1258-Adoption Assistance Agreement signed by all parties (The original document is retained in local SSW’s file); and
    6. A copy of the DPP-1258A Non-recurring Adoption Expense Agreement signed by all parties (The original document is retained in local SSW’s file).

The central office SNAP worker:

Retains a copy of the above documentation and forwards a copy to the ICPC Deputy Administrator;

Sends the documents including the original certified copy of birth, the original certified copy of TPR and the original certified copy of the Consent to Adopt directly to the family's attorney;

Notifies all parties that copies have been sent.

The ICPC deputy administrator:

Forwards the originals to the state where the child is placed.

The Adoption Services Branch staff:

Reviews the post-placement supervision documentation on the child and family, and consults with the SNAP worker on any problems arising in the placement.

Practice Guidance

  • The adoptive family's worker is expected to send the Kentucky SSW monthly recordings of post-placement visits with the family and child.


  1. The period of post-placement services required before the adoptive petition can be filed varies, but usually requires nine (9) months to one (1) year. 


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