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10.29 Services Required After Out of State Placement

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 10-Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
10.29 Services Required After Out of State Placement

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The adopting family’s SSW:

  1. Provides support services to the child and adopting family after placement and during the entire period prior to adoptive finalization including:
    1. Phone contact with the family within twenty-four (24) hours after placement;
    2. A face to face visit with the child and adopting family no later than three (3) working days after placement;
    3. Weekly phone contact with the adopting family during the first month of placement;
    4. At least monthly face to face visits with the child and adopting family in the family’s home until the adoption is finalized;
    5. Sending monthly written reports to the ICPC coordinator (copies may also be sent to the child's SSW and the SNAP worker);
    6. Face to face visits, at least every two (2) weeks, when serious adjustment problems of the child and adopting family are occurring;
    7. Interviewing the child privately at each visit;
    8. Notifying the child’s Kentucky SSW by phone of significant problems in adjustment;
    9. Cooperating with Kentucky staff concerning the appropriate care and services to be provided to the child and family including special treatment or counseling;
    10. Giving Kentucky at least two (2) weeks notice of plans to move or return a child, except in cases whereby Kentucky staff agree that an emergency requiring shorter notice exists;
    11. Assisting in the return of the child to the authorized representative of the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services upon request of the Cabinet;
    12. Ensuring that necessary medical services are provided according to the needs of the child;
    13. Ensuring that corporal punishment is not being used with the child and that the family understands alternate methods of discipline;
    14. Recommending adoption finalization in writing after a successful adjustment period of six (6), or longer when necessary;
    15. Assisting the family and the Kentucky SSW in negotiating the post adoption assistance agreement and the nonrecurring expense agreement, if applicable;
    16. Providing the services to allow the family to finalize the adoption in their own state; and
    17. Forwarding a certified copy of the adoption petition and final decree of adoption to the SNAP worker or ICPC compact administrator.


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