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3.6 Negotiating Objectives and Tasks

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Chapter 3-In Home Child Protective Services (CPS) Case
3.6 Negotiating Objectives and Tasks

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The objectives negotiated during a case planning conference include primary family level objectives (FLO), secondary FLO and individual level objectives (ILO).  Required objectives differ based on the needs of the family as assessed by the investigation, and family engagement.


The SSW: 

  1. Negotiates objectives and tasks with the family and community partners, as applicable, during a case planning conference; 
  2. Documents in the case plan the start dates of tasks to achieve the objectives within the six (6) month timeframe;
  3. Provides ongoing assessment of the family’s progress towards the negotiated objectives and tasks, at minimum, by:
    1. Monthly face to face contact by the SSW with the family and children in the home, including identified fathers as outlined in SOP 4.15 Family Attachment and Involvement; and
    2. Quarterly contact by the SSW with community partners.

Practice Guidance

  • A new/revised ongoing assessment may be completed and the case plan revised when significant changes in the family occur, such as:
    • Change in the composition of the family;
    • Loss of job;
    • Change in family income;
    • Loss of basic needs being met; and
    • New referral;
  • The case plan may also be revised when a change in placement of the child occurs.


  • The Quick Reference Grid for P&P Planning is a useful guide for the SSW and specifies required objectives based on the type of case.
  • The case plan tasks are the action steps the family members, SSW and community partners are willing and able to do to achieve the objectives. Timeframes for objectives are automatically set at six (6) months, unless otherwise documented in the case plan.


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