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3.3 Tools for Case Planning (Prevention Plans and Genograms)

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Chapter 3-In Home Child Protective Services (CPS) Case
3.3 Tools for Case Planning (Prevention Plans and Genograms)

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Legal Authority/Introduction



Prevention Planning

The SSW utilizes the prevention plan:

  1. During an investigation to negotiate and document the agreed upon current dangerous situations, which the family and/or individual intends to incorporate into a plan to provide an escape from an immediate safety concern; 
  2. With the family and team members in negotiation during the case planning conference to develop the case plan objectives and tasks for investigations that are transferred for ongoing services;
  3. For new allegations involving ongoing cases when appropriate;
  4. For revisions to the case plan tasks throughout the duration of the case plan period.

Use of a Genogram/Family Tree


  1. Develops, with the family, a genogram/family tree during the:
    1. Five (5) day conference to develop a case plan for all out of home care (OOHC) cases; or
    2. Initial case conference to develop a case plan for all in home cases; 
  2. Uses a genogram/family tree at these conferences or anytime during the life of a case to:
    1. Enhance engagement, treatment, and gain insight for assessment purposes;
    2. Offer benefits in family engagement, and case planning;
    3. Help identify family members, patterns/themes, cultural ties, and connections;
    4. Help identify absent relatives that can potentially assist with providing supports to families to prevent the child from being removed or potentially assist with permanency goals in OOHC cases; and
    5. Include information that could assist in locating family members to provide support or relative placement. 

Practice Guidance 

  • The comprehensive family worksheet, previously used to negotiate secondary level objectives with the family has been eliminated.
  • The Prevention Plan will now be used to document those secondary FLO, ILO and tasks in addition to the primary FLO, ILO and tasks related to maltreatment, presenting problem or need for which the case is opened.
  • Strategies and tasks negotiated on the Prevention Plan remain intact until such time as they are incorporated into the case plan or Aftercare Plan as appropriate.
  • Prevention plans are renegotiated every thirty (30) business days during an investigation or whenever there are significant changes in the family or household.




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