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12.29 Other Expenses

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Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.29 Other Expenses

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Legal Authority/Introduction



The Billing Specialist authorizes: 

  1. A reimbursement amount not to exceed six hundred fifty dollars ($650), without prior approval, for graduation expenses, including senior class ring, cap and gown rental, senior pictures, yearbook, prom ticket, graduation invitations and name cards; 1
  2. Reimbursement to a foster/adoptive home parent sixty dollar ($60) for Christmas gifts for a child; 2 
  3. Reimbursement to a foster/adoptive home parent twenty five dollars ($25) for birthday gifts for a child; 3
  4. A reimbursement amount of up to seventy dollars ($70) for Lifebook expenses for the initial six (6) month placement period per child and startup costs; and
  5. An additional reimbursement of up to twenty five dollars ($25) per child every six (6) months for maintenance of the Lifebook, after the initial startup costs.  4   

The Recruitment and Certification (R&C) Worker:

  1. And/or the SSW require the foster/adoptive home parents to submit receipts for reimbursement of expenses over ten dollars ($10); 
  2. Submits a request for childcare to the service region administrator (SRA) that includes documentation from a qualified professional of the therapeutic need for the service for non-working foster/adoptive home parents;
  3. Authorizes reimbursement, to the extent funds are available, to foster home parents for mileage, babysitting of the foster child to assist the foster/adoptive home parents with meeting ongoing training requirements; and
  4. Authorizes reimbursement for foster/adoptive home parents' mileage and babysitting of foster children, to facilitate their attendance in local and in-state foster care association meetings, training, or pre-service panel participation. 5

The SSW: 

  1. Facilitates Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) payment of childcare services for working foster/adoptive home parents or for foster/adoptive parents pursuing higher education6
  2. Prepares a special expense request and submits to the FSOS for expenses not specifically addressed, or those that are above and beyond what is allowed by standard of practice (SOP), that support the child's goal towards permanency. 


  1. Approves requests for child care expenses for working foster/adoptive home parents; 7
  2. Requests to the director of the Division of Administration and Financial Management (DAFM), or designee, approval for special expenses not specified in SOP and only those that support the child's goal towards permanency;
  3. Submits the request for approval to the director of DAFM, or designee.

The SRA: 

  1. Provides prior approval for all requests for reimbursement to a foster/adoptive home for tuition/fees incurred for non-cabinet sponsored training before payment may be authorized. 
  2. Considers the following when approving or disapproving requests for reimbursement for non-cabinet sponsored training:
    1. If the requested training is not otherwise included or provided in any Cabinet sponsored training; and
    2. If the training is specifically related to a medical or behavioral condition of a child placed in the foster/adoptive home.  Tuition or fees may be approved up to the amount of:
      1. One hundred dollars ($100) per family per year; or
      2. Two hundred dollars ($200) per year for a medically complex, specialized medically complex, or care plus home.


  1. The one hundred dollar ($100) school clothing allowance, if unspent, may be applied to the graduation reimbursement, bringing the total graduation allowance to seven hundred fifty dollars ($750).
  2. Receipts are not required.
  3. Receipts are not required.
  4. The Lifebook follows the child throughout their time in OOHC.  Receipts are required prior to reimbursement being made in this SOP.
  5. Pre-approval by the R&C worker is required for reimbursement.
  6. These requests for childcare services are reviewed every six (6) months.
  7. Approved childcare per diem rates cannot exceed the per diem rates established by the Division of Child Care.


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