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12.25 Clothing Expenses

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Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.25 Clothing Expenses

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Legal Authority/Introduction



  1. The billing specialist issues an initial clothing allowance to a child for whom DCBS is legally responsible and who is being placed in out of home care, not to exceed the following amount:

     Child's Age Amount
    Birth to 1 year of age $100.00
    1 to 2 years of age $120.00
    3 to 4 years of age $130.00
    5 to 11 years of age $180.00
    12 + years of age $290.00


  2. If a child specific foster home received the relative support benefit at the time of the child's placement, they will not receive a clothing voucher at the time of foster home approval.
  3. Upon request of the child's SSW, the billing specialist issues the balance of the child's unspent initial clothing allowance by authorizing a special payment to the child's placement provider.
  4. The FSOS approves an annual supplemental school clothing allowance (see table below) to a child age three (3) or above, who:
    1. Has been in care more than thirty (30) days;
    2. Has used the amount allotted for clothing allowance;
    3. Is enrolled in school; and
    4. Is placed in a DCBS foster home.

       Supplemental School Clothing Allowance  
      Child Ages 3-10 $50
      Child Ages 11+ $100
  5. The R&C worker reviews the foster home parent's clothing record quarterly.

Practice Guidance

  • Clothing expenses reimbursable by a clothing voucher or supplemental school clothing allowance includes children's apparel such as diapers, shirts, pants, dresses, suits, footwear, and belts.
  • Ongoing monthly expenses for clothing, a child's allowance and incidentals are included in the per diem. The following chart shows the minimum to be spent on a monthly basis for clothing, diapers, incidentals, and a child's allowance:

     Child's Age Clothing Incidentals Allowance
    0-2 $25.00 $6.00 N/A
    3-4 $30.00 $5.00 $1.00
    5-11 $35.00 $5.00 $7.50
    12+ $40.00 $10.00 $20.00
  • The FSOS may authorize special purchases above and beyond the per diem and initial clothing allowance, up to $250 and a copy is provided to the billing specialist.
  • Due to special circumstances of the child specific foster home allocation of financial resources for incidentals may vary.


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