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12.22 Parenting Youth Supplement

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.22 Parenting Youth Supplement

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To best support parenting youth who are in out-of-home care (OOHC), and their children, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet/CHFS) will ensure there are supports and services available that incorporate the research on optimal development and promote a youth’s health and development
There are occasions when a parenting youth may enter foster care with their own biological child, or birth a child after entering foster care.  The parenting youth may be committed to the Cabinet; however, if there are no concerns or safety threats surrounding the youth’s ability to care for their child, the child will remain in the parentng youth’s custody.  The parenting youth supplement provides compensation to the foster parent or caregiver to help meet the everyday needs of the parenting youth’s child.  In retaining custody of their child, the parenting youth, with the support of their foster parent, will be able to apply for services such as child care assistance through the Division of Family Support (DFS).


  The SSW: 
  1. Ensures that the parenting youth and their child, covered under the parenting youth supplement remain together in placement;
  2. Explains to the placement that the parenting youth has retained custody of their child and will sign all future parental forms and/or applications; and
  3. Explains to the provider that the parenting youth supplement rate shall not exceed twenty four dollars ($24) per day (total amount) per child.  The daily rate shall be paid directly to the foster parent and shall not cover administrative costs with the exception of private child caring facilities.  Refer to SOP 4.6 for additional information and guidance surrounding the parenting youth supplement. 
The foster parent/PCC/Private Child Placing (PCP) agency will support the parenting youth by:
  1. Ensuring that transportation is provided for the parenting youth to attend meetings to obtain outside services such as: child support, WIC, child care assistance, child benefits, parenting classes, education, therapy, job skills, etc.;
  2. Following the Parenting Together Plan (PTP) and guidance on rights and the responsibilities of parenting youth.  Working collaboratively with the SSW, youth, and other team members on supporting the parenting youth in the parenting process;
  3. Reporting any concerns to the ongoing SSW if there is a disagreement in a parenting decision; 
  4. Allowing parenting youth and child to share a bedroom; and 
  5. Providing a two (2) week notice to the SSW if there is a need for the parenting youth and their child to be moved.




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