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12.2.3 Recruitment Bonus

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.2.3 Recruitment Bonus

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Legal Authority/Introduction


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The R&C worker:

  1. Completes a memo of approval requesting that a resource family receive a recruitment bonus after a family the current resource family referred becomes an approved resource;
  2. Submits the memo to the FSOS for approval;
  3. Attaches a copy of the Foster and Adoptive Parent (FAP) TRIS Intake Form, showing the referring resource home parent as the referral source, and a copy of the approval letter sent to the new resource home; and
  4. Submits the approved memo and attachments to the Billing Specialist.

Practice Guidance

  • When an applicant, who becomes approved as a resource home parent to provide foster care services, names a current resource home parent as the referral source on the TRIS intake form, the referring resource home parent receives:
    • A $100 bonus for each resource home that is approved for the first of two new resource homes;
    • A $150 bonus for the third and fourth new resource home;
    • A $200 bonus for the fifth and sixth resource home; and 
    • After the sixth resource home, the bonus is $250 for each newly approved resource home. 
  • A resource parent who is an active and paid member of the Foster/Adoptive Training Support Network is ineligible to receive the recruitment bonus.




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