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12.2.1 Region Budget for Recruitment

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Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.2.1 Region Budget for Recruitment

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  1. The SRA or designee will submit an email to detailing the items to be purchased and any required justification. Upon receipt, the request will be reviewed by the adoptions branch manager or designee and a response will be returned with an approved or other recommendation.
  2. The R&C FSOS submits an electronic request through the Procurement, Payables and Asset Tracking System .


Practice Guidance

  • Each region may spend up to $4000 in a state fiscal year (SFY) calendar for expenses related to resource home parent recruitment; except Jefferson, Northern Bluegrass and Southern Bluegrass, which may spend up to $6000 in a SFY.
  • These funds may not be used for printing or clothing, totes, or staff accessories.
  • The region, as part of their annual diligent recruitment plan as described in SOP 12.2 Diligent Recruitment of Resource Home Parents, provides specific details on how funds for recruitment will be spent. 
  • Funds for regional recruitment are available and paid on the basis of the state fiscal year. 
  • Requests for recruitment expenses may be made quarterly or all at one time.
  • Regional staff uses the Cabinet’s contract for memorabilia and bids are not required if using the contracted vendor.  If the vendor does not offer the desired items on contract, another vendor may be used. 
  • If the expenditure for non-contract items is in excess of $2500, the region seeks three informal bids with the lowest bidder receiving the contract after prior approval from the OOHC Branch.
  • Each region is responsible for monitoring expenditures related to recruitment.


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