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13.10 Preparing the Presentation Summary Packet

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Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.10 Preparing the Presentation Summary Packet

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Legal Authority/Introduction



The SSW:

  1. Begins gathering information for the presentation summary packet as listed in the practice guidance of this section;
  2. Completes the presentation summary packet and the narrative in TWIST no later than ten (10) working days following the termination of parental rights (TPR) judgment;
  3. Redacts identifying information about a child’s biological family from any records included in the presentation summary packet, prior to sharing the presentation summary packet with prospective adoptive parent(s);
  4. Retains one (1) copy of the original presentation summary packet in the file.

Practice Guidance

  • The presentation summary packet includes the items below in the following order:
    • DPP-AC-1-Transmittal Memo;
    • Past and recent photographs of the child;
    • Presentation summary narrative printed from TWIST;
    • Certified copy of birth certificate;
    • Certified copy of orders of termination of parental rights;
    • Certified copy of death certificate, if parent is deceased;
    • Copy of social security card;
    • Birth information, including hospital newborn medical records;
    • DPP-189 Biological Parents Identifying Information;
    • DPP-191-Information to be Obtained from Placing Parent1
    • DPP-192-Biological Parent Consent Form; 2
    • Child’s medical records using the child’s medical passport;
    • Child’s developmental records;3
    • Other supplemental medical information, including immunization records;
    • Psychological and/or developmental assessments;
      School records (i.e. report cards, letters from teachers, educational passports);
    • Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) documentation, when applicable;
    • DSS-892 Daily Routine for a Pre-School Child or DSS-893 Daily Routine for a  School Age Child (DSS-893 not applicable for foster parent adoptions);
    • DCBS-84-Child’s Profile for Adoption Matching (not applicable for foster parent adoptions);
    • Separation of siblings memo (if applicable);
    • Any other information that may be helpful/relevant;
    • Title IV-E eligibility and/or other children’s benefits documentation as described in SOP 31 Standards of Practice Regarding Title IV-E, Medicaid and Other Applicable Benefits; and
    • Placement history log/placement summary from TWIST.


  1. One (1) for each parent.
  2. One (1) for any parent voluntarily terminating parental rights and/or birth father acknowledging paternity.
  3. Using the DCBS-106A series.


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