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10.3 Non-Priority Request to Place a Kentucky Child in Another State with a Parent or Relative

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Chapter 10-Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
10.3 Non-Priority Request to Place a Kentucky Child in Another State with a Parent or Relative

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Legal Authority / Introduction



The SSW:

  1. Requests a parent or relative interstate home study evaluation, submits a comprehensive referral packet via e-mail at to or to the address below: 1  

    Deputy Compact Administrator
    Kentucky Interstate Compact Office
    275 East Main Street 3E-D
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40621
  2. Utilizes the ICPC checklist and ensures the referral packet contains the information below in the following order:
    1. The ICPC Cover Letter Statement of Family Case Manager; 2
    2. A completed ICPC-100A-Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Request form for each child (Refer to Instructions for ICPC-100A);
    3. Current court commitment/custody orders, dated within the last twelve (12) months; 3
    4. Assessment;
    5. DPP-1281 Family Case Plan;
    6. Social history/needs assessment (if available);
    7. Medical records/history (to include immunization records and the DPP-106 series forms);
    8. School records (grades, attendance, IEP, behavior reports, etc., if applicable);
    9. Completed ICPC Financial/Medical Plan form regarding how the resource/Cabinet will meet the financial and medical needs of the child;
    10. Title IV-E eligibility (OOHC-1262-Title IV-E Eligibility/Reimbursement Summary form),
    11. Copy of the child(ren)’s birth certificate and social security card; 4 
    12. Verification of paternity if the biological father is not listed on the birth certificate (this may include paternity testing, a marriage license or child support documentation/court order);
  3. Follows additional procedures in SOP 10.4 Request to Place a Kentucky Child Another State with a Parent or Relative Court Jurisdiction Only (CJO) Cases if the court has granted temporary custody of the abused, neglected or dependent child to someone other than the Cabinet and the Cabinet is court ordered and/or requesting a home study on a parent or relative from another state;
  4. Treats any home study received from another state, tribe, or private agency under contract with a state/tribe as meeting any Cabinet requirement for the completion of the home study; unless, within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the report, the state determines, based on grounds specific to the content of the report, that making a decision in reliance on the report would be contrary to the welfare of the child;
  5. Documents decisions about interstate placements thoroughly in the child’s case record and on the case plan.

The ICPC office mails or e-mails:

  1. The ICPC-100A–Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Request form and packets to the receiving state's ICPC office for processing within three (3) business days of receipt of the referral packet;
  2. A copy of the approved or denied home study from the other state to the requesting FSOS.

The SSW notifies the Kentucky ICPC office, via e-mail:

  1. Once it is determined that the parent or relative home is approved for placement, or that it will not be utilized; 
  2. Regarding the child’s placement date (as requested on the cover letter), if the parent or relative home is utilized for placement. 5

Contingencies and Clarifications

  1. If a child is removed from a caretaker in Christian, Trigg or Todd counties in Kentucky, and an appropriate relative is located in Montgomery county Tennessee, the SSW may follow provisions of the Tennessee/Kentucky Border Agreement for expedited placement.  Any questions regarding the border agreement should be directed to the Deputy Compact Administrator, who can be reached at (502) 564-2147.

Practice Guidance 

  • The interstate home study is completed within thirty (30) calendar days and may not exceed sixty (60) calendar days upon receipt by the receiving state’s local office.
  • KRS 615.030 and the compact allows the receiving state of a requested interstate home study to request of the sending state additional information as it may deem necessary under the circumstances to carry out the purpose and policy of this compact.
  • Incomplete referral packets will be returned to the requesting SSW or FSOS.
  • The Kentucky ICPC office copies the SSW or FSOS on all correspondence to/from the requesting state. 
  • The interstate compact may not apply when the court orders a child to be placed with a non-custodial parent who lives out of state.  In this situation, the two states must work together to come to an agreement regarding details of the child’s placement (refer to Regulation 3).
  • DCBS does not require that prospective out of state relative placements be licensed or approved for foster care prior to placement.  However, if the receiving state requires this certification, Kentucky will ensure all qualifications are met and will forward documentation to the appropriate ICPC office. 
  • Requests for parent or relative home studies outside of the United States are not governed by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.  The SSW or FSOS may work directly with the child welfare agency in the specific country or the international social service, and can be contacted at the following address:
    • International Social Service—United States of America Branch, Inc. (ISS-USA)
      200 E. Lexington Street, Suite 1700
      Baltimore, MD 21202
      Telephone: 443-451-1200
      Fax: 443-451-1220

Related Information

The centralized intake telephone number for Tennessee is:

  • 1-877-237-0004.

This is the telephone number that should be utilized when initiating a placement utilizing the Kentucky/Tennessee Border Agreement.  



  1. Please do not combine placement resources in the same referral packets. If you are requesting an interstate home study on more than one placement resource in the same state then each placement resource must have its own comprehensive referral packet specific to that placement resource.
  2. Click on cover letter link below to complete the template provided. This will create a consistent, uniform format to be mailed to the receiving state along with prompting the user to complete the necessary information required on the cover letter.
  3. The adjudication court order is preferred/recommended.
  4. Federal law requires proof of title IV-E eligibility and citizenship/identity for any child whose receipt of Medicaid is part of their ICPC financial/medical plan.
  5. Placement approval is valid for six (6) months from the date on the ICPC-100A Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Request.


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