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12.18.5 Care Plus Foster or Adoptive Home

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.18.5 Care Plus Foster or Adoptive Home

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Legal Authority/Introduction



The R&C Worker:

  1. Follows the procedures outlined in SOP 12.18 Specialized Foster Care Services, as well as, the procedures listed below;
  2. Determines whether the applicant foster or adoptive home or existing foster or adoptive home is interested and possesses the aptitude to provide services to a care plus child;
  3. Verifies that the primary caretaker:
    1. Is willing to maintain a DPP-130 Weekly Daily Record of Events (WROE DROE) of a child's activities and behaviors;
    2. Is willing and able to attend all case planning conferences;
    3. Demonstrates access to available support services; and
    4. Coordinates designated therapeutic needs provided by community resources;
  4. Documents that the applicant care plus foster or adoptive home parent(s) completes and receives a certificate of completion for the twelve (12) hours of care plus training, beyond the pre-service family preparation training requirement in the following topic areas:
    1. Specific requirements and responsibilities of a care plus foster home;
    2. Crisis intervention and behavior management;
    3. De-escalation techniques;
    4. Communication skills;
    5. Skill development;
    6. Cultural competency;
    7. The dynamics of a child who has experienced sexual abuse or human trafficking; and
    8. The effect of substance use, abuse or dependency by either the child or the child's biological parent;
  5. Recommends approval or denial to the FSOS, to classify the foster or adoptive home as care plus upon completion of the additional training.  The request includes:
    1. An evaluation of the foster or adoptive home's participation in and knowledge gained from training, with consideration given to the following: trainer evaluation, on-site observation by the R&C worker;
    2. Formal discussion with the family documented by the R&C worker; and
    3. The parent’s plan and ability to meet the child’s needs if the primary care plus foster or adoptive home parent is employed outside the home;  
  6. Sends a letter to the foster or adoptive home informing the home of its approval/disapproval upon a decision by the FSOS; 
  7. Authorizes:
    1. The basic care plus rate to a foster or adoptive home approved to care for a child who has been approved by designated Cabinet staff as care plus; or
    2. The advanced care plus rate to a foster or adoptive home approved to care for a child who has been approved by designated Cabinet staff as care plus and who has one year of experience as a care plus foster or adoptive home.
  8. Unless approved with the DPP 112A by the SRA or designee and the care plus home must consist of no more than the following:  has daily support staff to meet the needs of the child:
    1. A one-parent care plus foster or adoptive home does not care for more than one (1) care plus child;
    2. A two-parent care plus foster or adoptive home does not care for more than two care plus children; and
    3. No more than four (4) children (including the care plus home parent's own children) may reside in care plus foster or adoptive home (Exceptions may be granted for a sibling group or with the approval of the SRA as outline in SOP 12.11 Number of Children in Foster or Adoptive Home).
  9. Unless the foster or adoptive home is closed pursuant to SOP 12.19 Closure of a Resource Home and Reopening, an approved care plus resource home receives annual approval if the R&C worker documents that prior to the anniversary date of the original approval as a resource home, the care plus home parent:
    1. Completed twelve (12) hours of ongoing Cabinet-sponsored training or training approved in advance by Cabinet; and
    2. Submits to an annual re-evaluation, as outlined in SOP 12.16 Annual Re-Evaluation, of the care plus home parents and includes:
      1. Strengths and needs;
      2. Records maintained by care plus home parent(s) on service provided to the child;
      3. Ability to meet the goals established for a child; and
      4. Ability to continue to meet the requirements for a care plus foster or adoptive home.

Practice Guidance

  • Although not a prerequisite for approval, it is suggested that a care plus applicant has:
    • Previously completed the child sexual abuse training, and
    • One year of experience as a foster parent.
  • The SSW may re-evaluate the child’s continued care plus status at the regularly scheduled case planning conferences based upon progress of the child or a change in the level of care assignment.


  1. Professional experience related to the care of a child in care plus home may substitute for the training requirement if the care plus home parent is a qualified mental health professional (QMHP).


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